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August 21, 2010

I can help Adal Bermann 1 Comment

Website Hosting & Maintenance

It’s not a website until it’s on the web! You wouldn’t overlook the neighborhood you chose for your business, and the same goes for your host. You will be entirely dependent on that host to process and make available your content in a fast and reliable fashion. Knowing which hosts are best for you and […]

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August 20, 2010

I can help Adal Bermann Comments Off on Architecture, UI & User Experience

Architecture, UI & User Experience

Why websites are like factories. Like a building with hallways and rooms, a website is a virtual space made of links and pages, some of which contain ‘machinery’. And like a factory, it is built to produce. Three key aspects of the construction must be particularly well thought for the ‘factory’ to produce: the architectural […]

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August 20, 2010

I can help Adal Bermann Comments Off on Web Design Explained

Web Design Explained

Define your esthetic identity. Giving your company, product or self an “image” is essential to successful marketing. Once that style is defined, staying true to it in all forms of media communication is essential. An image is worth a thousand words, but one that is learnt through subtle repetition can be worth millions. Design: Design […]

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