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Masonic Lodges Network of SitesMasonic Lodges Network of SitesMasonic Lodges Network of Sites
Masonic Lodges Network of Sites INFO

Project : Masonic Lodges

Client : Masons of California

Technology :WordPress Multi-Site

The Grand Lodge of the Masons of California reached out to me with a special request: to build a system allowing them to provide websites for their lodges. The requirements included being able to map domains to each site, give admins access to the easy to use CMS that is WordPress, the ability to create websites on the fly by cloning a template site and features such as a list of Google Calendar Events, congregated Social Media and blogging that mixes posts from the Master Lodge with the individual Lodge's. Leveraging the functionality of WordPress Multi-Site, I was able to deliver on all of their needs. I created a network to which they have full super-admin access, while each lodge admin can only see and edit their own website. Using Advanced Custom Fields for ease of editing, I built a theme from scratch based on custom graphic design from a team I collaborated with. The network now has over 50 sites, and counting! Launch Project →