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Project : Masonic Homes

Client : Masons of California

Technology :WordPress

After a first positive experience working together, the Grand Lodge of California contacted me a new project to design a website and build it out with over 50 pages of content. I created a Trello board to manage the project and invited them in so that we could collaborate properly and avoid getting information lost in hundreds of email conversations. Once we were clear on the scope, I collaborated with a Graphic Design team and after several rounds of exploration and revisions, we agreed on the homepage.  From then on, it was easier to move forward with designing the rest of the site and fewer rounds were necessary to reach quality. Without about 10 pages designed in Photoshop, I began to build. It was important that they be able to update the website, create new pages and set up layouts that were complex yet consistent with the rest of the site. I used a high-quality theme powered by Visual Composer, a drag-n-drop WYSIWYG and customized the output of the elements to match our design perfectly. Once that was completed, I was able to paste in all the content without worrying too much about how it would look, just like they now can as well. The site also features live social media feeds, custom calendar features with filters by date and category, highly customized multi-page intake forms and more. To this day, I believe this is one of the most professional and beautiful sites I have put together. Launch Project →