August 26, 2011

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Using the Internet to Promote Your Small Business.

At Adal Design we don’t just build you a website and send you out into the weird, wide world. We certainly know the nuts and bolts of how to build a website, but what is just as important is how to use the internet to grow your small business. We know all about that too and we will incorporate that knowledge into the way we design and build your website. We will help you:

1. Gain Exposure, spread the WWWord. This includes:

  • Listing your business in Local Business Directories
  • Leveraging social networks such as Facebook and Digg.
  • Making yours a Search Engine Optimized website
  • Pay-per-click advertisements.

2. List and promote your products and services.

  • More detailed promotion on your website with compelling product and company info.
  • Be ‘in’ with specific online communities and discuss the details of your trade.

3. Accelerate sales by using your website to educate your customer.

  • Inform your customer about your product and industry.
  • Link or publish high quality, relevant content: such transparency will impress your customers and generate the trust you deserve.

4. Sell your products with an online store (it’s cheaper & simpler than you think).

  • List your products on your own website and automatically submit to online market-places.
  • Receive payments with PayPal or Google Checkout which are both secure and credit card compatible.
  • Keep records, and manage transactions & inventory with tools that are already included.
  • Auto-generate shipping prices and printable labels.

5. Increase customer satisfaction and retention.

  • Provide automatic purchase confirmations.
  • Provide or link to product info, support, and FAQs.
  • Keep them in the loop through the use of blogs which can be built right into your website, social networks, and even automatically generated Newsletters.

Adal Design Websites are the centerpiece of a lasting online marketing campaign. Let’s start spreading the wwword!

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