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March 4, 2011

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Adal Bermann holds a Masters degree in Social Psychology & Ergonomics. To better express his passion for intelligent design, he has become fluent in HTML, CSS, jQuery, PHP and WordPress lingo.

“The way I see the world everything is understandable, thus feasible.”

Adal was introduced to Photoshop at age 9 by a professional graphic designer, and his interest for computing has grown since. Soon after college he interned as a User Interface Designer at Granicus Inc, a San Francisco based company bringing market-leading transparency solutions to government. His practice there ranged from user testing to wire-framing and front-end programming. Ever since, Adal has dedicated himself to the mastery and expansion of one of the largest collaboration of our time: WordPress. During this time, he has built dozens of high-end sites for business.

Adal is also the founder of two SaaS startups: School of WordPress and TribeChest.

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    yano Mar 19, 2011

    Pretty cool !