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October 8, 2010

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With social networking, a single person or company can reach out to their public through a large variety of websites such as facebook, twitter and blogs. This can become very time consuming.

The good news though is that more and more, websites are growing beyond the scope of their designated URLs. With the advent of XML and other expansive communication technologies, web developers and amateurs alike are faced with the power to spread their data in many ways.

Partially because so many of my customers have asked me how to do this themselves, and partially because facebook has changed their layout, out-dating previous tutorials on the subject…

Today I present you with a step by step, image-illustrated tutorial of how to automatically publish your blog posts on a facebook page. I will also show you how to create such a page in case you aren’t taking advantage of this great resource.

Note that some facebook applications can allow you to get more fancy but if you want a simple solution: read on.

This tutorial applies to the latest release of facebook, in April 2010.

Step 1: If you have not yet created the facebook page… (otherwise skim till next header)

Go to the facebook home page and click the “create page” link under the sign up box:

On the detail page that appears, specify the characteristics of the page you are about to create. If you are not ready to publish the page, make sure you check the box created for this effect.

You will now see the blank new page you have created:

Now for everyone…

Step 2: Import the blog feed

The goal of this operation is to import the feed from a blog that already exists, and thus save yourself the time of posting twice.

On the new blank page you have created, click the “Edit Page” link:

This will lead you to an options page that has many useful management tools for your newly created facebook fan page. Another option you might want to explore later, available here is the “Static FBML” application that you can find in the “More applications” section. FBML allows you to create tabs or boxes that display any HTML code you type in. This is create for creating 100% custom content.

To import the blog feed: in the notes section, click the “edit” link.

This will lead you to the notes options. Notes are displayed on the wall of your fan page, so this is the application we will use…

On the right hand corner, under “Notes Settings” you will finally see the “Import a blog >>” link. Click here to specify the feed address of your blog.

Here you can finally enter that URL. If you don’t know what the RSS feed URL is for your website, contact you administrator. On wordpress blogs, the feed is usually simply: http://yourblogdomain.com/feed.

Happy posting!

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    Adal Bermann Mar 07, 2013

    Meanwhile, I suggest looking into TwitterFeed.com

    eskorte massasje Mar 04, 2013

    You will have to consider aspect inside an important challenge for one from all of the most beneficial blog sites for all of the net. I actually can suggest…

    Adal Bermann Nov 18, 2011

    I will post a revised video shortly.

    D Nov 05, 2011

    this doesn’t work anymore. is there any other way?

    facebookie Sep 18, 2011

    Very useful article. Simple and to the point. AWesome !!!!

    Noobslab Jul 22, 2011

    Really nice, Thanks for this

    Steven the Facebook Guy Aug 21, 2010

    Incredible, that’s just what I was looking for! You just saved me alot of searching around

    money club May 02, 2010

    Keep up the good writing

    Willow Nederostek Apr 05, 2010

    It’s refreshing to see someone very informed about what they do. If only I had your writing aptitude. I look forward to more updates and will be returning.Thanks!

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    Bradley Mar 18, 2010

    Hi Adal,

    A client of mine was just asking me the other day how to get his site feed onto his Facebook (and LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.) page. Thanks for the tutorial!