WordPress 101 basic tutorial for beginners

September 16, 2010

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  • Welcome to the Basic WordPress tutorial.The aim of this tutorial is to show you how simple it really is to use the WordPress administration panel as a your Content Management System.In fact WordPress is perhaps THE MOST SIMPLE tool you can use to add, delete or edit content on a website. Be it pages, blog posts, news updates or even products: with the right WordPress website, anyone can manage their website easily.The first step is to log in.

    Go to www.yourdomain.com/wp-admin

    Simply enter your username and password,
    then click the big blue button…

    Click the next button to view the next slide of this tutorial.

  • This is the WordPress Dashboard. This is the first page you see when logging in to the administration panel. In this image you are viewing the dashboard for AdalDesign.com set to fit my personal preferences. The dashboard is in fact extremely customizable. In this particular case I set up a plug-in to show me visitor statistics as soon as I log in.
  • The most important function are accessed from here. To view and edit all blog posts (if you website includes one), simply click the “Posts” button.To view and edit your pages, click the “Pages” button. In this tutorial, we will edit a page.

    There are very few limits to the power of WordPress, which makes it so popular in the developer community. Since my profession is all about putting internet technologies to use for small businesses, I love to relish in the realm of options. As a non-technical, and perhaps otherwise busy person, you don’t need to use the advanced admin tools to manage your website.

    For the sake of the tutorial we will now assume that we clicked on the “Pages” button…

  • You can now see a list of all pages on the website.
    Though there are many other tools here for power users, we will not cover them right now.
    To edit a page, click on it’s title. It’s as simple as that.

  • In WordPress, writing a page is very much like writing an email. Very much like in Gmail, you can edit the title to anything you want, write the message body or ‘page content’ and style it with smart little tools. You can even add images and edit them before they get inserted.
  • Once you are satisfied, it’s time to publish! Just as easy as clicking “Send”, the big blue button on the right is all you need to make the change effective.

    Unlike an email though, you can always make changes AFTER you click the button… and simply click it again.

    You can now see the changes by clicking the “View Page” button below the page title.

    That sums up the WordPress 101 tutorial for absolute beginners.

    If you found this tutorial useful but insufficient, just comment below and I’ll work on making it better.

    To find more useful tips and information, feel free to browse the blog!

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    Adal Bermann Apr 10, 2013

    I have spent some time working on School of WordPress but am not currently updating it because I am busy with other projects.

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    Excellent ideas throughout this post, I just added this to my RSS feed. I’am curious if you have any follow ups to this post?