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August 21, 2010

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It’s not a website until it’s on the web!

You wouldn’t overlook the neighborhood you chose for your business, and the same goes for your host. You will be entirely dependent on that host to process and make available your content in a fast and reliable fashion.

Knowing which hosts are best for you and how to transfer domains and upload/install websites via FTP is not learnt overnight. How will you react when a press release has your 200 daily visits sky-rocket to 200’000?

We will gladly be your host or hosting consultant, setting you up and taking care of the entire process.

Adal Design takes pride in providing qualified, personable service even years after the creation of a website.

Having a website is a start, but if you rely on it to draw business and maybe DO business, it will need some maintenance. If you wish, we will continuously work on helping you take your web-presence to the next level.

Once your website has a steady amount of daily visitors, Adal Design can use some of the most elaborate tools available to track, analyze and direct traffic to where you want it. Figuring out which changes in design have an impact on conversion rates is no guessing matter, and we take it quite seriously.

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    Adal Design Aug 21, 2010

    Special offer till Sept 1st 2010:
    If you order a wordpress website before this date, Adal Design will host it free of charge for two years!

    Just reach out.