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August 20, 2010

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Define your esthetic identity.

Giving your company, product or self an “image” is essential to successful marketing. Once that style is defined, staying true to it in all forms of media communication is essential. An image is worth a thousand words, but one that is learnt through subtle repetition can be worth millions.

Design is the art of using esthetics as a universal language to seamlessly convey a large amount of holistic messages.

The design of your website, business cards and other supports leaves implicit impressions about the various aspects of your identity:

  • Sector of Industry
  • Price Range
  • Targeted Public
  • Spirit and Angle
  • Intentions and Concerns

If you have not already made these decisions concerning your company or product, the design of your first advertising media is a perfect moment to sit down, research and reflect.

If you already have a clear idea of the market and your angle of approach, then you understand the importance of appropriate design.

Unless you have budget or time constraints, it is a good idea to establish a graphic chart to serve as a guide for the creation of your web and print media.

For graphic charts and general design, there are an infinite number of factors to manipulate. Some questions are common to all projects and include:

  • Colors and how they relate
  • Fonts, text styling and header hierarchy
  • Layout and spacing
  • Common shapes
  • Image types

Sometimes, an entire design must be extracted from a single idea. Other times from a speech, a conversation or an object. Ideally, extended market research and experience can replace a game of guess and trial with a calculated decision based on solid data. Perhaps you already have a clearly defined esthetic and need someone to create more material without any innovation.

Adal Design is up to the challenge.

We will gladly bring you website drafts, business cards, stationary and flyers. Adal Design prides itself on flexibility, as we strive to meet your needs and work within your budget range.

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