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August 20, 2010

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Why websites are like factories.

Like a building with hallways and rooms, a website is a virtual space made of links and pages, some of which contain ‘machinery’. And like a factory, it is built to produce.

Three key aspects of the construction must be particularly well thought for the ‘factory’ to produce:

  • the architectural structure
  • the space layout or ‘interior design’
  • the ergonomics of various control panels and widgets

Every website is built for a reason.

Websites must be created to fulfill specific functions; these can vary to a degree, but most are a result of the desire to:

  • Inform or promote
  • Sell or generate leads
  • Enable  communication
  • Preview and share data
  • Access core functionalities of online software

The structure, layout and ergonomics must reflect and enable the goal of the website. Today, no one wants to read instructions on how to perform a task online, and finding content should be a breeze. A visitor who does not obtain some form of instant gratification will simply navigate away.

Being able to predict the growth of a website is a difficult task, but starting off with a clear structure will always provide a solid foundation for scalability. Establishing a clear plan will make both the initial development and any expansion smoother and less-time consuming.

There are known techniques for success.

One of the most efficient ways of assuring good usability is to employ conventions gracefully:

  • Placing navigation and content where people expect to find them.
  • Making links and important information stand out.
  • Making obvious to the user where he is and what he can find there.
  • Organizing everything into small, intuitive semantic subgroups.

Adal Design has a history of success in efficient organization and layout of website projects.

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