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April 24, 2010

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GoDaddy vs BlueHost vs Fatcow vs Doteasy vs GoDaddy vs GoDaddy

Everything is out of control… GoDadddy did it!

They did awesome marketing, and created an expense ladder in place of a user interface.

They trick so many, every day… So many of my innocent, well intended customers and friends buy their domain on GoDaddy. Then they get free hosting and insist on using it. This is just the beginning of more expenses and a rapidly developing feeling of commitment and attachment to their service.

Their model is based on a few simple strategies:

  1. Attract with the images of young female bodies.
  2. Hook with the the cheapest initial sale possible.
  3. Make further purchases necessary but promising.
  4. Rely on thrift and cognitive dissonance to create a dependency.

GoDaddy’s psychological war-fare comes at a nifty price for the Webmaster/Developer. They replaced the cPanel with a sales portal… OUCH. Nothing works on the first try, and finding the settings and applications requires clicking through all sorts of internal advertisement tunnels.

Additionally, it appears their CEO enjoys killing elephants….

Trade your ladies for a pet: FatCow.

FatCow is certainly one BIG spiritual step up from GoDaddy’s sexual advertisement schemes. Their ‘Plesk‘ (slightly mispronounced Desk) is not my personal favorite but does the job. I enjoyed it very much before discovering the pleasures of the cPanel.

Their marketing remains somewhat aggressive. Clearly, they hire MANY professional bloggers to blog away about the awesomeness and convenience of FatCow, effectively drowning a lot of the complaints. Real posts concerning FatCow are actually quite hard to find. The truth is… they are good but not the best.

It’s GREAT if you do static HTML… ahem. Back when I was using them, it was slow with WordPress and I can only assume that other awesome applications would suffer a lot. So for those statics still out there… I know you are… Go FatCow and make sure to get your first year coupons! That’s right, FatCow is darn cheap for what it offers: unlimited everything (pretty much) and decent support.

$0 hosting! $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ dotEA$Y

Ok, yeah I’m exaggerating. They’re not scammers.

I left DotEasy a long time ago, only using it for my very first websites because they would basically give you a domain and host your website starting at $15/yr approx.

It’s dirt cheap. It’s the dot made easy.

Can’t afford to be cheap, I chose BlueHost.

Using BlueHost I imported a domain and two CMS-run websites in two hours once. Most of that time was spent getting on the phone with GoDaddy to inquire about installing WordPress on their server, and finding out it would double the price of hosting.

You might think that GoDaddy is easier for you because you’re not very technical. You might think it’s more affordable. BlueHost only costs $7/month and offers the best customer support I have ever experienced… in any industry.

What do they offer?

Everything you couldn’t imagine a hosting company can offer at such a low, flat rate.

The only purchase-able items make sense:

  • Getting the one-for all plan (well managed, shared server)
  • ADDING domains ($10/yr per extra domain)
  • Serious upgrades (dedicated IP, dedicated server)
  • Third party offers (often upgrades for services already provided for free)

The User Interface chosen by BlueHost is cPanel, an up-to-date piece of software made to optimize the experience of ANY LEVEL person wanting to host a website.

Thanks to Simple Scripts, BlueHost offers “single-click” access to the entire world of FREE, AWESOME OPEN SOURCE APPLICATIONS.

BlueHost is a company with a high level of consciousness, and I believe in promoting companies and people who make my life more enjoyable.

The world would somehow feel more green if everyone went Blue.

BlueHost provides an affiliate program so you can, as I, be rewarded for spreading the word.

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    w@p1erajmy hosp1cja Mar 28, 2013

    Its hard to find good help…

    I am regularly saying that its difficult to find quality help, but here is…

    Adal Bermann Oct 08, 2010

    I agree with you jd, cPanel is the bomb.

    Adal Bermann Oct 08, 2010

    I kept this spammer’s comment to demonstrate it’s existence. Make sure to use some form of spam protection on your blog when you have comments enabled.

    Adal Bermann Oct 08, 2010

    Perfect example of social media advertisement, in this case on a private company blog.

    Affordable Web Hosting Aug 20, 2010

    Cheers for this blog post. When running a site, choosing the best web hosting company can be difficult because of the large variety of web hosting options to select, and because it’s difficult to decide whether you can trust the company you’re with – Are they going to keep your data safe? Are they going to be reliable and have little downtime? Luckily, I find that researching the web host can help to find out whether they’re good or not. For this reason, I always find out other customers opinions of the web host before using them. — Jake.

    jd Aug 04, 2010

    I’ve moved over 30 clients from GoDaddy to a hosting company that offers cPanel and they love it.

    GoDaddy is good for registering domains and that’s about it.

    Bluehost Review Jul 22, 2010

    Thank you for this article. I’m currently using BlueHost to host my websites and so far, they seem to be quite good. I’m not sure, though, what other people think about the specifications of the hosting plan they offer, as with other web hosting companies, you may get more.

    Sophia Wilson May 05, 2010

    I have 100 domains on Godaddy and i can say that this company is very reputable..:;

    Elliot Russell May 05, 2010

    It is also easy to backup and transfer all your websites from one server to another server if you have cPanel installed;”‘